What do we buy?

Scrap Metal
Barca Metals can purchase small or large quantities of scrap metal at our own premises and we also provide a pick up service for businesses and home owners for larger quantities only. When it comes to buying metal scrap, Barca Metals will provide a competitive price, while providing you with a collection service that will alleviate the pain of having to dispose of scrap metal yourself. We also provide a process that is done safely, and in an environmentally friendly way.

We buy all ferrous & non ferrous metals. Ferrous metals are magnetic items, such as a washing machine or fridge. Non ferrous metals are generally non magnetic items such as copper, brass, aluminum, and stainless steel.

Barca Metals are scrap metal dealers, long established in the Sydney market. We provide fast, honest, and reliable service, and are scrap metal buyers who believe in an environmentally sound processes in all that we do.

Whether you have aluminium all the way through to zinc, Barca Metals are the Sydney
scrap metal buyers for most metal needs.

When delivering scrap metal to our premises, please note our WHS Conditions of Entry.
Scrap Metal

Metal pick up and Bin Service

Barca Metals offer a pick up and bin service for all your small or large quantities of scrap metal. Whether you have ferrous, or non ferrous materials, we can provide a next day bin drop off and collection service throughout Sydney and surrounding suburbs.

Our scrap recycling process is second to none. And our service and reliability will exceed any expectations you have. From our bin drop off and collection, through to our scrap metal sorting and processing, Barca Metals remains a leader in scrap metal management and distribution throughout Sydney.

As leading scrap dealers, we provide affordable rates for collection. Along with this, the scrap metal prices we pay to buyers throughout Sydney are extremely competitive. Whether you are a commercial enterprise, or a household, Barca Metals provides an affordable solution for the collection, as well as the distribution of your scrap metal once processed to various foundries locally & overseas.

If required, Barca Metals can also organise the hire of cranes, trucks, and semi trailers on your behalf, which will save you time and money for your scrap metal collection.

If you would like to sell your scrap metal, or require a scrap metal collection from your business or home, contact us today for more information. Barca Metals are Sydney scrap buyers and collectors who can make your scrap metal collection easy. We look forward to assisting you with your enquiry.