Scrap Metal
Barca Metals has an onsite weighbridge, utilised for buying and selling. We
have the weighbridge available for commercial & domestic scrap customers.

Our public weighbridge is 18 metres long, and handles most semi trailers. The
Weighbridge is a convenient way for our customers to weigh their scrap metal.

As leading scrap metal dealers in Sydney, we have differentiated ourselves
in the market by providing reliable and friendly customer service. Buying and
selling scrap has simply never been easier. From metal, through to
machinery, and redundant equipment, Barca Metals are at the top of the scrap heap!

Transparency & Convenience!

Scrap Metal

Our weighbridge service provides full transparency and convenience to the drivers. Once on our weighbridge, the driver can clearly see the scrap weights, as they are displayed in a visible area, which can be seen from the driver’s truck.

Drivers will waste less time, as they won’t have to physically leave the truck and go to another area to view their scrap metal weight readings. Barca Metals has made the process of buying and selling scrap an easy one, making us one of the leaders in the Sydney scrap market